Even in childhood Nola was always interested in botany, animals – particularly birds, and in painting, but it was only recently after a successful career in education that she incorporated these into wildlife and botanical art. Through her love of gardening, bush walking and observing native wildlife she is inspired to capture a moment in time of the living world tin art. “It is the colour and fine detail that I always admire, and I quite like the clarity and precision that is needed in this form of art & illustration.”

Living in the Tenterfield area, Nola is able to specialise in exotic plants for cool climates and the native plants of the Northern Tablelands and Granite belt, Birds that are attracted to her extensive garden also become subjects. By focusing on botanical and wildlife art Nola has become more observant and aware. She prefers to work in watercolour, graphite and colour pencil, where fine detail can be added to display the essence of each living species.

Recently her interest has included a return to post graduate study in natural resources. She is a member of the Queensland Botanical Artists’ Society, Queensland Wildlife Artists’ Society and Borderline Artist’s Society.