Jan Lowe

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Jan Lowe

Exhibiting Artist

Location: Phillip Island, Victoria
Medium: Watercolour, Scratchboard, Claybord, Oil & Pen & Ink, Pastel

Jan Lowe, Professional Artist & Tutor

Jan grew up living in the country on a sheep and cattle property and was fortunate to be around wild and domestic animals all her young life.  Her late father was a wildlife photographer turned  farmer, so she also has inherited a love of photography.  She is always drawing and carried this throughout her life.  When father became unwell, family moved to a small town as a young teenager, she worked after school at the local veterinary centre and for a racing stable.

After qualifying professionally in engineering services, this career took her to African, Europe, UK, Canada, and the US.  When not working found her in animal rescue centres, caring for injured animals. Whilst in Canada, formalised her love of art with a degree of fine art.

Taking advantage of the changing world around her, she focused her love of wildlife with photography and drawings, including the stunning nature and all the incredible creatures we share this planet with.  She learned to focus on the movement of animals, their form and particular personality, not on any particular species, it’s her love for nature and all creatures.  Always observing the interaction that animals have with each other, their behaviour and reaction to other groups, always fascinating.  To capture those moods, the look, the swagger, and the aloofness.  She will sit in the fields and sketch, noting the  way the bird would land & take off, a horse’s gracefulness and awkward looks.  Watching the interaction of possums, their respect to the mature members of the tribe.  The little blue-tongue would try to eat her shoes  laces, the pending storm—the changing colours!  When observing nature and being still, you see things you would not normally, it is a must for being one with nature!

In 2000, Jan was more active with art groups, she was pursuing a new career, reducing hours of her business, and focused on art and tutoring.  She has given to the art community in roles of Editor, President, Secretary, Curator, Councillor and is currently the Editor (QWASI Qld), President (PSA Qld), Secretary (PIECES Vic) as well as Editorial for Down-under (ISSA USA—was the VP & Editor from 2014-2019), and judge for international On-Line art shows in the US, and in person in Australia.

Jan Tutors in Scratchboard and animal art with watercolour.  She is an active and award-winning artist with successes in Australia, USA, Canada, Czech Republic (Prague), UK, and she has been published in France, Germany, US & UK.  Details on bio and awards and other  information can be located on her web site: www.janlowefineart.com.