“Nature is my religion, Earth is my temple”

Through my art I express my infinite admiration for the diversity of colours, forms, textures of the natural world. That’s something I want to share with everyone who is ready to see it. I profoundly enjoy perceiving
and contemplating ordinary and unusual behaviour of all animals. I entirely dedicate each moment of my time to integrate myself into that space. It is a very meditative process as I get lost in reliving the experience and watch it come to life on canvas. Each painting, every single brush stroke, is an expression of my passion and love.

When you fall in love with something you naturally want to protect it. In my paintings I create powerful visualisations of the beauty of the ocean but also exhibit the devastating effects of human impact. Coral reefs are living and complex organisms, the heart of an immense habitat of marine species.

Without this pilar a major part of sea life can become close to extinction, which will ultimately affect all of us as well. Their disappearance will entail a disastrous imbalance on all: ecological, climate and human levels. That’s why I intend to connect viewers with the underwater living world and I hope to spark a conversation about the importance of marine conservation. I would like my art to be like a window into the world not everyone has an
opportunity to see.

My goal is to capture and preserve unique sceneries, exquisite moments and create a visual depiction of the natural world, an endangered world that may not be available in the future. My biggest mission is to create paintings that have not only aesthetic impact on the viewer, but also can trigger emotions and important questions.