Angela Parr

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Angela Parr

Exhibiting Artist

Location: Knockrow, Northern NSW
Medium: pastels, acrylics, graphite, watercolours
Bingara Gallery, open by appointment

Angela Parr is an award-winning artist, with her work now in homes all over Australia. She has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember and has used all mediums in her artworks, to great success. These days she focuses almost solely on Pastels, utilising all forms, the Pan Pastel, the traditional Pastel Stick and Pastel Pencils. She has literally hundreds of each, to get “just the right shade” for her detailed work and subject matter. Her great passion is wildlife, specifically Australian birds and both African and Australian mammals. Her subjects tend to be both the “popular” ones as well as those less well-known but in desperate need of recognition and often conservation. All animals have dominated her work over the years, including precious pet portraits, but she has also been known to delve into human portraits and landscapes from time to time.

Angela hopes her artworks assist in the preservation of our native species, through public awareness and by her donations to local wildlife charities, namely the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary, and the Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue.

You can view more of Angela’s work at Bingara Gallery, right next door to the Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at Knockrow, Far North Coast, NSW.