General Meeting and Outing

General Meeting 24th November 2019 at 10 am

The next QWASI General meeting scheduled for Sunday 24th November. This will be the last General meeting for 2019 so we wanted to make a little bit extra special. The meeting will be at 10 am at the Red Shed Picnic shelter of Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea. As this is a busy time of year we are recommending to take picnic chairs if you have them, in case the numerous picnic tables in the Red Shed are taken. There are plenty of shady areas close to the Red shed in that case. Oxley Creek Common is one of the best Birding sites in Brisbane with one of the largest species lists: 215 species to date. For example yesterday various birders observed a total of 93 bird species which is incredible. It is one of my favourite birding spots. It has been researched extensively by Professor Hugh Possingham from the University of Queensland.

I can lead a birding excursion for anyone who is interested. I have some extra binoculars for anyone who does not have any. I will be there at 7 am and if you are late you can just walk down the track to catch up, there is only one track that follows Oxley Creek and if time allows we will visit the lagoons also, we return the same way. We may not visit the Secret Forest as it is quite exposed/hot and birding there is generally not as productive as elsewhere. There are maps in the link below. There are composting toilets at the Red Shed near the parking area. It is a level walk, which can be up to around 5 km return but can be cut short at any time if we run out of time or if you are unable to complete. You may also wish to walk it at your own pace. There is a great mix of bush and water birds present usually and it is also a great area for raptors. It is also a superb area to photograph our Fairywrens and Finches, if you are after reference photos for them.

This is the link for the eBird list for the area:

This is a great resource with birding lists and maps of the area:

As it is our last meeting of the year please bring a plate to share for morning tea during the meeting and maybe bring your own thermos for a cuppa. Partners and children are most welcome to come along. It is a popular area for kids to ride their bikes. In case of inclement weather (too wet or hot) please check your emails the night before in case we need to cancel the birding outing. The General meeting would still go ahead probably. Or check with me on the day or if you are running late on 0403 111 878.

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