Peter Slater

- Life Member -

Peter Slater has been painting Australian birds for more than sixty years, and has painted every species at least four times. His favourites are birds of prey, especially falcons and eagles, and desert birds. He subscribes to the dictum of famous wildlife artist Joseph Wolf who wrote: ‘One only understands what one knows thoroughly’, and to that end has extensively studied all but six Australian birds in the field, often living in out-of-the-way places to be close to the subjects he admires so much.

Each year he spends at least a month in the deserts, chasing such elusive subjects as grasswrens, quail-thrushes, Grey and Black Falcons, as well as more common species like parrots, chats and woodswallows. For many years he spent part of each summer in rainforests on Cape York. Most of his paintings are done in acrylic on canvas boards, but he also uses watercolour, oils and pastel.