Peta McClymont

- Exhibiting Artist -

Peta McClymont lives and works on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.
She started regularly painting a few years ago after a car accident which resulted in a physical disability and a need to find a new way to paint and express herself which eventually led into the world of digital art. This medium, combined with a newfound understanding of finding joy in the ‘little things’, and the preciousness of life, started her in a completely new direction as an Artist and allowed her the freedom to process and express emotions into physical form. Many of her themes revolve around finding new life and hope through a joyful expression of motion and colour and aim to build a connection between the viewer and subject. Her passions include raising awareness of the plight of endangered species, particularly Australian animals and hopes to encourage people’s interest and love for the wonderfully unique creatures we have and hopefully a drive to protect them.

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