Jan Lowe

- Exhibiting Artist -

Jan Lowe is a Realist Artist, who specialists in Animals, Wildlife and Nature.

My subjects are just that, they are from my photography or from my encounters in the field “en plein air”, no tracing or the use of projectors to capture the exact subject, my works is from freehand so at times a little quirky! My subject comes from how I feel about the animal or place, it’s from my heart; when drawing my subjects, if not drawing from plein air, feel their presence, hear them breath, the unique smell, the nervousness, the environment, the telling breeze, or a storm brewing, the heat or the coolness of the day, and the curiosity the creature has of its surroundings.
I am so close to my subject, I feel it’s slight tremble as the outline emerges onto my canvas or scratchboard. The softness, and the form that is rising under my light strokes, drawing the very essence of the animal, its soul, energy, and beauty. I feel privileged to be part of their world.

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