Rob Kerswell

- Exhibiting Artist -

REK – Began his career in 2006 selling artworks through a boutique retail store in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Over the years he has explored a wide range of styles including urban landscapes, figurative and abstract paintings. 
He experimented with these vastly different styles drawing influence from Australian and international greats such at Jeffrey Smart and Picasso. Always an avid admirer of hyper realism, yet his natural modus much looser and flamboyant, he sought a harmony between the two. His own unique fusion style emerged with its central theme firmly rooted in the natural world.
As a Wildlife artist, the current state of our delicate environment is at the core of every work. The subjects are dramatic and powerful, their intense eyes highly detailed and filled with unique personality. The tempo of his work shifts quickly and seamlessly as realistic details give way to deconstructed gestural brushstrokes and untethered watery trails. Eventually the hidden depth of carefully selected patterned fabric underlays is revealed and what was once sharp and alive, is all but vanished – a case of art imitating life.
REK has exhibited consistently since his first solo showing in 2008. His art work has appeared on channel 10’s Healthy Homes Australia and his paintings have been sold to countless collectors from every corner of the country and internationally.  REK has always used his work to support numerous charities, raising thousands of dollars for the Perry Cross Foundation, RBWH and Prince Charles Hospital Foundations to name just a few. 

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