Matteo Grilli

- Exhibiting Artist -

Originally from Italy, Matteo started drawing and painting wildlife and nature since childhood, he is a self-taught watercolourist since 1995. Although he didn’t follow any formal training, Matteo was inspired to pursue the watercolour medium after ‘reading’ the illustrations from the books of favourite artists Marjolein Bastin, Louis Agassiz Fuertes and once in Australia, William T. Cooper.

In 2012 Matteo started a collaboration with Melbourne-based publisher Nuovo Group who turned his watercolours into greeting cards and bookmarks. In the same year Matteo opened an online shop on

In 2014 Matteo became fascinated by the process of watercolour paint making and today he only uses his own handmade watercolours.

Matteo’s ultimate wish is to pay attention to the beauty of nature and to its fleeting essence and to share his encounters. A keen birdwatcher, all his artworks are derived from his own photos taken while birding.
Matteo is an exhibiting member of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society since 2018. He taught a workshop on realistic watercolour techniques to paint birds in early 2020. Matteo is involved in conservation and supports Birds Queensland, Birdlife Australia and EBN Italia.

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