Christine Earthrowl

- Exhibiting Artist -

Christine has recently returned to Queensland after 30 years in the Northern Territory and 8.5 years in NW Tasmania.

Her last years in the Territory were spent outside Batchelor near Litchfield National Park. Moving to the ‘bush’ after many years in Darwin was a new experience for Christine.Her partner was an exploration geologist and she begn working with him in parts of the bush that many don’t get to see. She loved the native flora and fauna, the sounds of nature and the peace. Coming face-to-face with the intricate and varied barks of the eucalypts with their different patterns and textures gave her a new awareness of the environment.

Christine wanted to express this wonder so watercolour painting came into her life about 12 years ago. Because she now lived 115kms from Darwin, she set about acquiring books, magazines and materials. This was a challenge but also a creative and interesting journey which she continues to pursue.

In Tassie Christine fell in love with the many local gums with their peeling bark as well as other trees and an abundance of flowers – not to mention the seasons and the colours and the mountains and the sea! So much surrounds you there it was almost overwhelming!

Painting portraits is something Christine also really enjoys especially of people she knows and cares about or admires. This has been extended to all creatures including birds and other wildlife that come into her life or who need ‘a voice’ so others will notice and care.

Her hope is that her wonder and awe of nature’s beauty can be expressed in her paintings and that this in turn will encourage others to notice how incredible the colours and patterns of nature are and how sometimes fragile life itself in nature can be. Creation is amazing! It needs noticing and protecting.

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