Nicole Crosswell

- Exhibiting Artist -

Nicole is a Brisbane-based Interdisciplinary artist whose arts practice embodies the phrase ‘to draw’; from the manipulation of threads (via stitching, drawing and binding) through to more traditional methods of drawing, inscription and mark making.
Nicole’s work around wildlife, to date, are detailed drawings in pen and ink on paper. Working with paper size, composition and space she creates quiet narratives into each piece.

Nicole states that this act of observation and documentation through this intense view conjures the concept of flow (work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) an optimal state of creative focus.

At the core of her arts practice is the exploration of the human condition in contemporary times and its reflection alongside the natural world.

Nicole is a freelance Visual Artist, botanical scientific illustrator at The Queensland Herbarium, Arts Workshop facilitator, and Visual Notes Researcher for QUT. Nicole completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours at QCA, Griffith University in 2015.

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